post frame agricultural building

Agricultural buildings for the modern-day farm

These days an agricultural building is no longer just a barn. It’s an equipment storage shed, a warehouse, a milking parlor, a free stall barn, or a workshop. Or it combines several different uses with an office thrown in too.

Witt Construction can provide the flexibility and durability you need with an agricultural building to help your farming operation grow to meet all of your needs.

Dairy Buildings

The productivity of your herd depends on many variables. Wick Buildings understands how building design, cow comfort, and ventilation all work together to maximize herd health and milk production. We can help you design and build your next:

  • Free stall
  • Milking parlor
  • Maternity barn
  • Transition calf barn
  • Solar barn
  • Manure processing/separating facility

Farm Equipment Barns & Storage Buildings

Big tractors, combines and implements need high ceilings, big doors and lots of clear-span space. Whether you need simple storage, a machine shop, a working office area, or a combination of all of these, Wick Buildings knows how to engineer a high-quality and attractive building for years of trouble-free service.

post frame agricultural building showing tractor equipment and a silo

Livestock Barns and Confinement Buildings

Building design and ventilation play an important role in the health of your livestock. You can count on Wick Buildings to design and build efficient and healthy environments for beef cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry. Need a specialized building to handle your feed or manure? We can do that too!

Hay Barns and Other Crop Storage Facilities

When harvest time comes, you need a weather-tight building to store your hay, beans, grain, or potatoes out of the elements. That building also needs to be engineered for easy access and optimal work efficiency.